Thursday, March 4, 2010

To start with...

What would you consider the most difficult lesson that you could ever learn in your life...??, Cervantes says, Try to learn about yourselves which is the most difficult lesson in the world. People who made themselves known to the world always did one good deed - "They proved themselves ". When you have got to prove an entity, you need to have a complete study. So when you got to prove yourselves you need a complete analysis about yourselves. But it is not just a deed but a process. It takes months, years and even our life time. But, all we have got to discuss here is about the steps that initiate this intriguing process. The spark comes from what do you see..? and How do you see..?
If I gonna ask you, what would you see when you got to see a mirror? If your answer is "Me or Myself", then I apologise. Actually it is you who has bought a mirror infront of you. There is always a lot of difference between what you see and what really exists.What we see actually makes a difference that takes you to the next level.
To explain this concept let me take you to the period of "Renaissance". It is in this period, art,literature and architecture flourished in and around Europe, like different petals of a flower grows along with flower in various dimensions. Now the centre of attraction is "Davinci's Monalisa". Experts say that the picture is not a complete woman but it is a mixture of both man and woman. How did this secret hidden these days..? It is mainly due to a simple intellectual magic called scoptoma.
Scoptoma- " The mind sees what it believes ".
If we take this picture as a women. It gives us the great pleasure to have the look at those romantic smiles. If we gonna think about this split-up image then it reveals a lot of hidden facts.
Water Beaker Approach:
This beaker can be viewed as
  • A beaker with half filled
  • A beaker with half emptied.
All the above are right, but what we are going to take decides your way. Nature has given you many things, all you have to do is "take the things from nature , mould your mind as you want and determine your goal and path to achieve that goal.

Your approach feeds your confidence, concentration which ultimately rounds about your thoughts which is the most invaluable entity. You know why. . ?

Thoughts will be your words

Words will be your deeds

Deeds will be your character &

Character will be you . . . the one and only, the inevitable You !

A pessimist finds difficulties in every opportunity

But an optimist finds opportunities in every difficulty”

Once again this passage can be approached in many ways

  1. Conclusion of this topic (or)

  2. Starting point of your life (or)

  3. Continuation of this topic...